How it work

We help to save you from possible car accidents through 3 stages:

  • Detecting: There are two ways to track drowsy symtoms:
    • The application uses phone cameras to capture facial expressions of fatigue such sleepy eyes and yawn.
    • When pairing with smart bands and watches, it can also monitor heart - beat and lateral movements.
  • Processing: the application uses image processing technology to discover any sign of fatigue.
  • Alerting: if there is negative evidence, it immediately sends alarming signal to drivers through ringtones, sound if they wear bluetooth earpiece and vibration if they wears smart bands or watches.


Our customers:

Standalone drivers: the application will:
  • o Alert drivers when they distract or have fatigue.
  • o Alert other nearby drivers when a driver has drowsy symptoms (advanced feature).
Transportation companies: the application connects to both individual drivers and their managers.
  • o For individual drivers: same features with standalone drivers.
  • o For in-charge managers: the application allows them to:
    • Monitor their team's drivers via map in real time.
    • Send push notification to the whole team or each individual driver.
    • Send timer notifications.
    • Be informed via SMS when a driver has signs of fatigue (advanced features)
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Available for your
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